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When the World is Crazy, Jokes are Easy

Given how stupid the world is these days, is it any wonder SNL is so funny. Gotta love Amy...


Ikea lights, the presets, vodka specials... What more could I want? Well, actually... In the dim lights, strange girls who think I'm "cute" gyrating near me, I'm lost in the sultry voice on the speaker, and there is only one thing on my mind. It is futile. No number of vodka specials will make it go away... I just have to be here, now, and let everything else fall away. One more drink, one more song.

VGL Gay Boys are so Funny

I've been meaning to post a few of these vids from Jeffery Self on YoutTube ever since I came across them. They are hilarious and adorable. It's the sort of humour that is only funny because they deliver it so well. They have a small show in New York now, wish I would love to see, you can find a brief clip of in on YouTube, where you should check out the rest of Jeffery's clips.

That's right 5 videos in one post... deal with it! :P

More Tina Palin

How could I miss this?

Sarah Silverman on Voting Obama

Sarah does it again...

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Sarah Palin may ruin America, but at least it will be funny!

I feel lax not having shared these sooner, or at least I did on Facebook, but that's pretty slack. Following are the two classic Sarah Palin sketches by Tina Fey, plus a great 'trailer' by College Humour based on Matt Damon's comment that Sarah Palin's selection is like a really bad Disney film. The title of the fictional film still flaws me everytime I watch, because, well you just know that there's probably some Disney exec somewhere who was about to make it and now has to come up with something new. Hopefully one day we can look back at these clips, and the absurdity of her possible election will makes us laugh even harder. Hopefully.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.


Sunny day despite the rain this morning...

But more importantly I blogged this from my phone! HA!

Global Economic Situation Explained - Oh how we laughed!

Well I have been a bit slack/pre-occupied of late, but no more. To start my blog juices flowing again, lets talk about the US economic situation! Yay! This clip is from a year ago and features John Bird, who I only know from the series 'Absolute Power' about Public Relations starring Stephen Fry, but was brilliant in that. This too is amusing (I hope the slightly racist comment in it is meant ironically) and is quiet prescient about the current US financial situation.