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I don't like the Olympics, but some of my best friends do...

I'm not much of a sports watching fan, although the hype and vast spectacle around the Olympics can be entertaining. This is just adorable, even I was touched. The look on the face of the Chinese guy who came second, not able to complete the 8 Gold record China wanted, and loosing out to a record breaking dive by, of all people, a gay man... priceless. Of course, it might just be my own cultural interpretation of his expression, but that still doesn't detract from the beautiful humility and joy that Mitcham radiates. It was remarkable for the first out gay man at an Olympic games to win a gold medal, but then to quote another blog, Mitcham said ' "Just being a happier person really radiates into other areas of your life,” flashing a golden smile that went well with the medal hanging around his neck. '

Matthew Mitcham M├ędaille d'or
by GayClic